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Ken left his home country of Burma and began his career in software engineering and Java architecture more than 26 years ago. His expertise continued to expand as his career tenured him in industries like health care, government, education, finance, and more.

In 2003, he became an entrepreneur and began building solutions to create complex software solutions from inception to fruition. This lead him to become acutely aware of both the absence of transparency and personal touch that exists in many software engineering environments. He was inspired to build a tenacious team of industry professionals that could help him further expand his company to include staffing partnerships aimed at delivering collaborative solutions through high caliber engineers.

Our Philosophy

At HK, we are “Radically Humanistic”. Each of our team members are passionate about the quality of their own human experience, relationships they’ve fostered, and their dedication to building community in the professional world. We strive to implement our shared vision of humanizing the corporate world, by making a difference in the caliber of value and services we provide to our clients.

Meet Our Team

Susan Thornton

Director of HR and Operations

Jillian Roberts

Recruitment and Client Delivery Manager

Amanda Byrd

Director of Business Development

AJ Thomas

Senior Software Engineer

Diana Ortiz

Nearshore Recruitment Manager

Soleil Phyre

Senior Software Engineer

Hannah Stokes

Recruitment Specialist and Quality Assurance Engineer

Rachel Speirs

Administrative Specialist