Solutions To Create Transparency With Your Blended Outsourced Teams


At HK Consulting, our goal is to help eliminate common gaps that can occur when organizations have a blended workforce of engineers. By promoting transparency between HK and your company, as well as amongst your contracted development team, we allow for the opportunity to build trust, promote accountability, and the ability to develop clear processes and data analytics that lead to greater levels of profit and success.

Core Initiatives Include:

  • Keep the team organized, on track, and focused on what matters.
  • Ability to support contractor transformation by modeling, coaching, and teaching.
  • Act as facilitator to prevent and resolve conflicts with contractors on an individual basis, and within the outsourced team as relevant, before they become an issue.
  • Coordinate across outsourced contractor teams to facilitate & ensure impediment removal and identify any needed resource, or communication barriers.
  • Gain understanding of project needs, current objectives and achievements to communicate summary bi-weekly to CLIENT’s designated team leads.
  • Gain understanding of each contractor’s current sprint planning, stand-ups, maintenance releases, and sprint demos/reviews and retrospectives.
  • Create and maintain reporting metrics in an effort to provide additional visibility to client regarding their outsourced engineers progress, ticketing backlog, project status, operational needs, and team hours.
  • Act as motivator to outsourced team by reinforcing successes of each individual contractor to insure commitment and loyalty to the team.

Advocate Manager

Before any projects begin, we’re committed to understanding your business deliverables, development processes, organizational values, and more. This is necessary as it’s of the upmost importance we provide high quality engineers with adequate technical expertise. As your chosen business partner we will provide cost-effective high-quality resources, while sharing in your organizations work ethic and culture.


We make it a priority to support contractors in their relationship with our client. A Contractor Advocate Manager is assigned to facilitate this healthy relationship.


1:1 Weekly Meetings

  • Discuss any upcoming PTO or holidays (a month in advance when possible, as to avoid affecting business deliverables)
  • Garner feedback from contractor to identify any action items
  • Discuss growth or improvement areas


Monthly Check-In’s

  • Does your current work match the job you interviewed for?
  • Do you have the tools to be successful?
  • How could the client help you to be more successful in your role overall and daily duties?
  • How can HK help you to be more successful?
  • What are you doing well?
  • What would you like to improve?

Data Analytics

Creating additional visibility to the client regarding their outsourced engineer’s progress, ticketing backlog, project status, operational needs, team hours, and more by creating, maintaining, and sharing pertinent reporting metrics.