Learn How HK's Partnership Is Unique

Our Delivery Initiatives

HK As Your Partner

Before any projects begin, we’re committed to understanding your business deliverables, development processes, organizational values, and more. This is necessary as it’s of the upmost importance we provide high quality engineers with adequate technical expertise. As your chosen business partner we will provide cost-effective high-quality resources, while sharing in your organizations work ethic and culture.


To ensure success during our relationship, it’s imperative we create a strategic method to help you balance the tasks given to your outsourced team, and keeping goals top of mind. This also includes business processes integration, technology alignment, operations management, and regular performance and financial reports.

Creating Transparency

Our goal is to eliminate the common gaps that can occur when staffing outsourced teams


SCRUMMASTER (non billable)

Collaborates with outsourced team on a technical level to keep them organized, on track, and focused to ensure the highest level of value to software deliverables.



Provides self-improvement coaching, personal connection, or even venting. Goes above an open door policy and dedicates time consistently.



Creates additional visibility regarding your outsourced team’s progress, ticketing backlog, project status, operational needs, team hours, and more by creating, maintaining, and sharing pertinent reporting metrics.

Engagement & Performance

Achieving high engagement requires building a strong relationship and establishing trust with an outsourced team.


Teams need consistent encouragement to seek a deeper understanding of business objectives and the real impact of the software products they are building. HK is proactive in creating innovative solutions connected to the reality of your business.

Recruitment Process

Our goal as your outsourced team is implemented into your organization, ensuring that it’s done in an effective way as to transform your company so it can grow to scale as needed. This will be an investment in your methodologies and practices used to deliver work, as well as your existing teams.

Onboarding Process

A smooth onboarding process is crucial for any new consultant. Acclimating them to a new role and committing to the company’s deliverables. It is imperative that your new resource feels as if they’re a true addition to your existing in-house team.

Communication Is Key

Many outsourced projects fail due to miscommunications. Your outsourced team will need a full project vision before getting started on any work. By frequently discussing project goals, it generates a far greater impact than simply assigning a project to your outsourced team.


HK will meet with both you and your outsourced teams frequently, ensuring cohesion. Our goal is to find a balance that works for your team and your needs.

Communication Methods Will Include

Cohesive Messaging Tools
Bi-Weekly Video Calls
Scrum Meetings
Collaborative Onsite Meetings