Onboarding Process

A smooth onboarding process is crucial for any new resource being hired. It helps them acclimate to their new role and engages them to feel committed to the company’s deliverables. It’s imperative that your new resource feels as if they’re a true addition to the client’s already existing in-house team.

Approved Candidates

  • Profiles of new hire candidates are given to the delivery manager and sent to the client for onboarding
  • Profile includes the new-hire’s name, email, and phone number

Candidate Kickoffs

A calendar invite is sent to the client for the new resources introductory “Kick Off” meeting. This meeting is 30 minutes in duration, where the new resource is introduced officially to the team.

The agenda for the meeting includes:

  • Welcome & review of the project scope and objective
  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Communication plan & milestones
  • Scrum Ceremony Coordination – Stand up meeting schedules
  • Chat/Communication platforms
  • Access to tools, software, & platforms – Provision of login credentials

Delivery Manager

A delivery manager will be provided to:

  • Define targets
  • Transfer skills & engineers
  • Implement performance management for your team
  • Track engineer progress
  • Collaborate with your designated Scrum Master