Why Choose Nearshore Talent for your Development Team?

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We help you create a blended workforce that helps to bridge talent gaps that exist within your organization, while maintaining a scalable delivery organization that brings remarkable value to your delivery organization. Our team will collaborate with you to create a flexible strategy that will enable your organization to hire nearshore/offshore talent, while helping to manage your augmented team throughout the duration of the partnership.

Nearshoring Benefits

Organizations have been outsourcing talent for decades, but as the demand for high-caliber talent increases it becomes inevitably necessary for organizations to start expanding their current strategy as it relates to building successful teams. When coupled with the ever-changing state of our economy, finding flexible talent solutions that don’t require you to sacrifice caliber of skill when hiring engineers is crucial.

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Recruit from multiple locations to access larger pools of talent globally


Customized onboarding and off-boarding processes


Reduce HR costs & spread out ancillary charges, allowing you to hire more developers competitively


Personally crafted delivery models to support your organization’s business deliverables


Reliable, well-distributed mitigation policies can eliminate the dangers of unforeseen disasters


Leverage unique skillsets to help your business evolve while retaining the power to control performance and cost


Hire equal or < level talent compared to the US.


Create cultural immersion between regions with similar time zones


On average a nearshore development team/POD saves an average of $368,160 annually

Creating A Blended Workforce

Any organization that is considering creating a blended workforce, hopes to bridge the talent gap that exists within their organization while maintaining scalable delivery that will last.


Creating a flexible strategy that enables your organization to hire nearshore/offshore talent while managing your augmented team directly is the core initiative.


At HK Consulting our team of industry experts will help you:

  • Collaborate with you to build a successful hiring strategy, and determine the skillsets that will add the most value to your organization and aid in allowing you to meet your team’s deliverables on time.
  • We’ll strategize with you to build a cost effective hiring strategy with the goal of reducing your current development budget.
  • We’ll help you implement processes for both the onboarding of new talent, and the management of any engineers placed within your organization for the duration of their contracted employment within your organization.
  • We’ll work to cultivate high collaboration amongst your contracted teams and a culture of effective communication.
  • We’ll provide you with metrics of your contracted team’s success in efforts to provide you with visibility into the high-quality development being provided.

Benefits of Agile Nearshore Teams

An Agile team will work towards your goal of using methodologies like Scrum, Kanban, and Extreme programming to deliver short and incremental development cycles. This will help ensure more affordable and client-oriented processes. As programming tasks are delegated to your dedicated outsourced team’s; business success is not only increased, but your projects are released faster.

By hiring Agile Nearshore teams, you’re responding to change and dealing with uncertainty in the most efficient way. The main principles of Agile nearshoring development are:

  • Client satisfaction with high-quality development
  • Response to all changes in requirements on every stage of development
  • Self-organized cross-functional teams of professionals
  • Fast & constant delivery of work (regular presentation after each sprint)
  • Success measured by result (high quality software)
  • Intimate high collaboration between team members
  • Simplicity and attention to detail