The team at HK has the primary goal to ensure that as your outsourced team is implemented into your organization, that it’s executed in a seamless and effective way. By doing so, HK can excel as your partner in helping you transform your company as it grows its IT engineering teams to the desired scale.

our process

Building Your Recruiting Strategy


Defining Your Goals

Project Type – What tasks need to be completed (full product concept, target users, etc.)
  • What is the scope of the project, and what are the components for development (Interface, integration, or high loading)?
  • Which roles are required?
  • What are the complexities of each role you’re hiring for?

Budget Planning

  • Project timeline, level of skills to hire, technology types, etc.
  • Creating an intelligent and structured budget to allow for the most productivity and efficiency while keeping overhead costs in check.

Requirements Documentation

Clarifying The Hiring Process

  • Team skills overview – We’ll identify the specific skills you’re looking for in your new outsourced team
  • Creating job descriptions
  • Order of hires – If there’s a particular order that we need to follow when hiring your team members, we’ll explore the different levels of your projects and start with the priority positions.
  • Starting your team – We’ll cover your expectations for your outsourced team to start
  • Travel – If some of your team members are expected to travel and meet onsite at the start of their project, we’ll help coordinate


Delivery Management

Recruiting Process


  • Our candidate sourcing tools include worldwide, web-based job posting boards, social networking platforms, extensive “rolodexing” networking, and professional technical organizations. In LATAM we have access to more than 2 million IT professionals, which allows up to find the top elechon of technical skill for your open positions.

Recruiter Screen

  • Your organization’s required skills checklist for each position granted to HK Consulting to recruit must be completed by candidates prior to consideration for any position. This list, including proficiency levels, is a critical component in HK Consulting matching the candidate’s skills with the requirements of your organization’s specific position.

Technical Test

  • Potential engineering candidates may perform a technical coding exercise to assess their core skillset and relevancy to technical requirements, as requested by your organization.

Technical Interview

  • An interview is completed by all potential candidates that determines their technical knowledge and cultural fit. This is conducted by a highly technical engineering resource within HK Consulting’s internal team unless otherwise requested by your organization.